We are committed to offering you real camping in natural countryside with your own camp fire and plenty of space. In order to do this we need to preserve and maintain the ancient woodland and natural landscape in which you find yourselves. We do not believe in excessive rules and regulations, but if we are to continue to be able to offer real camping at Lordswood we need your help in certain areas.


We have more pitches than we will ever use at one time, so that we can rotate them and give them some time off. We will always try to give you the pitch you want, but would ask for your understanding if your preferred pitch is having a rest. The space between each tent is another happy consequence of our low impact approach. We cannot and will not pack people in like sardines


These are at the heart of real camping, but need to be treated with respect and common sense. We would ask that if possible you make your fire on the site of the previous fire, that way we localise the effect that fires will have on the underlying plant and animal life. Please keep your fire to manageable proportions, from both a safety and an environmental point of view. 


Our permission to use the woods requires that they remain as natural as possible. We ask that you do not collect wood for burning and insist that you do not cut any trees. We supply logs at £5-£10 per bag which should last a night. The bio diversity of the woods will be seriously damaged if wood is not left to decompose naturally.


We welcome dogs but we need to keep them and their poo under control. If you come in with a dog do not forget your poo bags and ask that you clear up after them wherever possible. They should be on a lead when not in the immediate vicinity of your pitch. Lordswood is surrounded by farms and sheep and the Estate is very concerned that there are no incidents with dogs chasing/attacking the animals!!

Amplified music

We do not allow amplified music. It’s just not part of the real camping experience. That includes i-phones connected to a small speaker or a car stereo. We really do insist that there is no amplified music at any time. You are welcome to play acoustic instruments until a reasonable hour – check with your neighbours, but no drumming circles please.


We aim to have recycling bins by the loo and shower cabins. Please deposit your rubbish in them and leave your pitch as clean as you found it. So far everyone has been really good about this, so let’s not mess up a good thing.


We are open and having a great time. Its great to be back and I for one think this is a fantastic site and who cares about flushing toilets!! John